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multicolored over the mountains

so things move along in life. i'm almost done with my massage training(well i'm in my 4th of 5 semesters). summer is practically upon us. and i'm still dying for a fully functional, self-programable handheld computer. i'm with att so the android options i have are limited to the atrocious moto backflip. guess i'll just keep waiting for something wonderful and capable. god i just wish my itouch hadn't died. i romantically thought it would live till the end of time it seemed so hardy. well all things must die. but it does still have lots of good parts. so maybe i'll be able to mash them together into something awesome. but seems like that's gonna be hard as marble floors.
in other news i'm not so hungry as i was half an hour ago. we didn't have much in the way of food so i figured i'd take some of the frozen shrimp, and grated coconut we have and mix in some oats and sesame oil. then i topped it with black pepper and tumeric. really its not as delicious as it sounds. oh well.
yeah blogging. ok well here's to the hopefully bright future of the handheld (minus any nearby iphads)

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