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this is the 7th major version of my webcomic. it started out simple, as a dreamweaver built website. that was barely functional. and i think i made about 3 posts. that were all humungous(like i hadn't scaled the raw scanning of the drawings at all). then i left it alone for a good long time knowing i couldn't get what i was looking for. when i came back to the idea of having a comic a year later maybe, i knew a bit more html. and made it from scratch. well i still had to incorporate autokeen (the comicgenesis comic platform) code. which is actually pretty straightforward. but at the time i got caught up in a world of specialized tags that seemed nothing like the html i knen with autokeen. but i got something functional online and updated it for a few years. it was still up just recently but all its art can be found here. then i moved to wordpress. which i liked a good bit. but i stopped wanting to pay for hosting every month and so i moved to blogger. and its great, no ads, virtually no cost ($12 a year for my domin) and i get a solid website, with too many features for me to make use of, a network getting my site priority in all kinds of searches and a simple back end that allows for amazing felxibility all accessible across the globe.any way i've also moved back east to massachusetts. nice and snowy though spring seems fast upon us, and thats a whole world of food. originally i'm from seattle, but i lived around boston for almost ten years and then i was in oregon for 6 and now i'm back east again. i'm a massage therapist, web developer, comic artist, priest pirate "AArr mi skurrrvy web junkies^*&!"

and now the site has all its part for the first time ever.,, and its 3013 sooo