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nag champa dimension

so so i've been making a card game for a good few years now. its been playable at various stages, right now not so much. but thats because its undergone a radical change entering this most recent interation. i think its at version, oh golly, 5 maybe 6. actuall this maybe on only version 2. so version zero encompasses all the creature magic card game ideas i worked on lets say before high school. the kid projects that never seemed to have the legitimacy to go as far as they could. i saw the professional card games, magic, pokemon, yugioh etc. as unattainable. like i couldn't make anything that worked that seamlessly or something. the first version of this card game that was really playable was about 4 years ago. it went through a few versions, but all the changes were really just refining and re-understanding what that first deck tried for. in its most polished version 10 cards were made from an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, 5 by 2. some had an image of the spell, some didn't. its still the deck i play with. while i was working on refining the language and simplicity of the cards i was using i still wanted a totally symbolic language to work with. so that once you saw a symbol there was no mistaking what the card meant. you could also understand what a card did from a much greater distance, depending on how clear the symbols were. it would force the card smith (card making person) to be able to break her/his card idea down into standardized symbolic language. hopefully once you understood how to play the game this process would be apparent. and i've made some tutorials as well. i tried a bunch of different arrow and symbol, diagram based ways at this. none were very successful. though i think that path still has hope. the idea i had pretty recently was to super simplify things. and require a bit more of the player. the idea was to use filled and empty to represent the flow of energy and have clusters of filled and empty space of different sizes mean the various quantities and actions that happen during a game. these card were also supposed to work a lot like rom. you don't alter these cards during a game but take the number into your head and play with them against your opponent on this abstracted level of the card game reality.

these are the super alpha-not-even-playable cards that i'm working on now. i'm not really sure what meaning all the filled and empty circles are going to have. but be sure it'll be profound and meaning filled.