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so summer is dangerously close. looming even. on the brink of summer as we are. its hard to figure out what to wear sometimes. it'll be summer most of the day, except say lunch time. so you'd be fine like 80% of the day in summer atire, but then you couldn't go outside at lunch for fear of being drenched all day and miserable at work. so the obvious solution is bringing more to wear. but cuz you live here in this weather predicament you probably ride your bike to work. and you always want to bring as little with you so you dont have to lug it up those four hills on your way in the morning. hmmm get to work extra tired and miserable, right for the start of the day? or wait till noon for the misery and be cold and wet all day long? its not like a rain coat is really all that heavy. and then again it might just rain all day.