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hearthstone beta

cards games are an amazing thing. pokemon stole the nation's attention back in the day with its cross media blaze. and the juggernaut magic made the world what it is till this day. star wars has a card game too, dune and many others... and then all the games like hearts, 13's, war, poker, black jack (a personal favorite) but hearthstone... the center of a living space. promises to be on another level entirely.
starcraft is one of my favorite sports of all time. and one of the worlds' too. its world war three to many people, fiercly competative and steeped in tradition. so a card game from the same folks...
that's gonna send sparks, bring mending remarks to their minds. in time tournaments and great senators will spend time remembering when they won that arcane conflict all for fun, or was it something greater being undone.

right now its a closed beta, and the only way to get in is through giveaways so here's the best bet i've found these daze:
hearthnations crazed

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