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in other news

ender's game: one of the few books i've read. and possibly my favorite. the movie is cool in a trying to be starwars way. and even with its cutting edge graphics and mindblowing plot it can't even live up to episode one; gotta catch a maul.

when i read and reread it back in the day its was simple and felt like you were faling every step of the way. it looked a lot like curveball to me. dark, simple, and extremely utilitarian. the suits i always thought of as creme colored snow suits almost. very thick and hard to move about in. that became even stiffer when shot, but not completely immobilized, almost making you want to strain against them. and the sense of desperation, and isolation, and not succeeding. those small letters, black on flecked creamy white. i imagined the game like the book, as cheap as could be but still achieving the effect. ender's game is starcraft. the two are the same philosophy, soo hard, impossible unless you all but hack the game. and real lives at steak though we're made to believe computer minds aren't feeling, i've cried for the zerg loves i've mutilated with my cold hard marines. ender feels the buggers...he is one of them, an honorary member, not like i ever read any of the other books.

and the movie calls them something other than buggers, i can barely remember the name they were given, only what everyone calls them. was that just too controversial, really. i've really tried to get into the movie, but its a totally different franchise, a distant parallel reality. it captures the feeling of ender begin played with by graff and company, it has some awesome cgi, though with such a watered down story ts pretty meaningless, i'm waiting for an anime now, 26 episodes would do it a lot more justice, 13 hours sounds a lot better than two.

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