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this post hung out as a draft for a long time...

well so ratatat, maybe my favorite band that's still making music, just released their fourth album, lp 4. and well. mandy. its the middle song. i just can't get over it. over all the album begins off sounding a lot like LP3. but makes some cool use of that stuff. then it builds to mandy. and kinda comes down easy after that. but man mandy. it just sets my head in circles. it hits that perfect sweet break through. i just can't wear it out too fast. or maybe its one of those un threadbearable songs. we'll see. neckbrace probably gets stuck in my head the most though. i like the album a lot, but its still not as full of crazy wild breakthrough moments as their first two. can't wait to see what they'll do now, i want to see the tour of this album hard and well we'll have to wait and see how lp4 stands the test of time.
in the mean time i'll enjoy it as much as i can, and i think more people should drink kava kava.

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