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the 5 best videogames ever

{5} Mario Kart DS
i still can't believe how incredible this game is. so well balanced and fluid. snaking caused a massive amount of controvery, but its not hard to beat a snaker at his own game, or even if your just a good racer, i rarely snake and i've won the majority of my matches against those snakers. the game didn 't really have all the content i could hve dreamed of, but it was really early for the system and a handheld game too.
basically making this list was really hard because my favorite of these games seems to be the one i'm currently playing. mario kart for the ds could be the best kart racer of all time. i haven't played the newer ones a whole lot but... this game'll be haard to beat.

-{4}- StarCraft
the national sport of korea. no other game is like it. the only reason its not my number one is becuse its soo hard, maybe another reason why it should be up there. StarCraft defined its genre and everyone, even blizzard, has been trying to emulate its perfection. nothing else has come so close to predicting what the coming warld war will bring, and maybe SC is that next conflict itself. whichever nation posseses the most superior android pilots will come out on top. StarCraft is the battle school.

{( 3 )} Zelda: Ocarina of Time
what other game could better prepare us for drone combat but zelda. commando style survival, serene music, world changing battle mechanics and mind browing graphics that make even the most well endowed handheld games look childish. this is a game changer. nothing else sees us through puberty into a post appocalyptic nightmare and back out again with so much grace and might.
a familiar plot timeless and new each time...

={[ 2 ]}= Super Smash Brothers
thiis gaame. its soo crazy good. people from all walks of life respect it. its so simple. and so intricate. its a visionary masterpiece. it relates to all areas of life. lessons learned in smash will be true no matter where you are. and it has some of the best lingo... wanna smash some bros!?

    \   /
 --( 1 )-- Final Fantasy VII
    /   \
the armies of the future will be fighting the good fight. its hard to believe this game even got made.
the content is super controversial... not many mega hit games have you playing as terrorists, blowing up huge corporate monoliths. its pretty spectacular saving the world sometimes. the time sensative turn
based rpg style really mixed things up, rtsrpg? and holds up so well to this day. emultion is a phone's best friend and ffvii really shines in the handheld world.

playing this game is easy, hypnotic and very challenging all at once. its great on bus rides. in the dark late at night. upside down. and with more rumors of a remake there's no better time to play it... really just being in that world speaks more for the brilliance of its creators than anything else can.

honorable mentions:
Shadow of the Colossus, Golden Sun, Megaman Battle Network, Pokemon Emerald, LSDJ

...not so sure why lsdj isn't my number one.. its absurdly cool, not really a game, well but it really is. basically i haven't played it much or something. but i plan to!

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