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from 'lil jon

ran out the door to a mob. srceaming. something was wrong. heat and smoke in the air... read the text.

'lil jon: its moving on main st.

they were blowing up the clock tower! i was in the center of town... we got word yesterday of a very important package that was departing today. something our merry band should check out. but it was such a big deal they  needed explosions aparently.
wrestled through the crowd into an alley and up a fire escape to the roof. there! a team of four people in black carrying a large armored box between them.

to 'lil jon, tuck:
cathin' up with em...

as i ran along the roof tops, hopped up walls and down to a patio. where someone in black was ready and waiting. he came at me suddenly. agile and weilding lightening it seemed. i could doddge him but his blows left holes in wall. and took down light poles. the screaming in the background grew frighteningly
got closer with my combat. right up in his face. fast. figuring out that zeus suit. he was totally unphased by my blows. what the fuck tho. why was this guy after me. sure i was a nuisance but this was way out of my leage. i guess my bows and arrows were kinda fancy, pocket sized and all

finally came the moment of truth. another huge explosion, he was out of fung shuei
blasted an arrow strait thru it all missing the armor strait for the main cord.
sparxs and screams and i ran for the four in black. and the armored box.

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