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thiss gaame. so i've spent money on hearthstone. i plan to spend more. i am hooked on how huge its gotten. maybe it'll fade but i still think about magic all the time and think how far its faded. and how much has been spent on it. i am eager to support a game that is so lively. and undeniably well built. and with the potential for income hearthstone has how could blizzard not pay it a lot of attention. some people say it'll be blizzard's fourth pillar.

what i know so well is that i love card games. and cell phones are awesome. all i've wanted for years was walking down the street blastin and summoning. super smash 4 is definitely gonna ease some of that longing but magic doesn't have the support to get online like that. if hasbro cared enough there might be something really amazing there. but...

so the potential that hearthstone could be my personal inn anywhere i am, where my friends hang out on weekends and are part of a global effort understanding the excentrisities of combat and tactical advantage is mega cool. aand there's already plenty of proof that you don't have to pay money. so i know things are gonna change. they have already, but man that's a good sign...

so like grab a spot there's a lot to learn, not exactly sure why i need this knowledge but its certainly leading somewhere epic... i mean throwing a ball may not seem vital to some. but i know its an integral part of our evolution

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