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super smash bros 3ds demo review

while the rest of the world wait for smash nintendo has given us a demo of the best game in the world to help ease the maddening smash bros thirst. and its AWESOME. judging by the demo this game is gonna rule the world. signal handedly sell more ds' than ever before aand probably cure boredom forever. oookay soo maybe thats impossible, at the very least it'll cure insomnia, by giving us something to do while we're up late...

anyway the combat feels rich. like bread pudding, satisfying, filling. but you could eat it for days. and with only 30 times to open the software i'm guessing my ds will be playing this game till launch. the best part is how familiar and fresh evrything is. i know all the combos but having it in my palm everything's new. really this game is soo polished. the music is fantastic. the graphics are stunning. and landing hits feels so tangible, i think most of that comes from the stellar audio.

right now megaman is my main dude. making the blaster his A attack was a genius move, totally inspired, and his fiery down smash and forward a air, so clutch. ok well back to prepping for launch!

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