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if epona grows wings, well all bets are off

i still have some catchup to do. haven't played skyward sword, so i'm not sure about the whole drogon flying thing. i really loved flying the seagulls in wind waker. that was just an awesome game some people thought there was too much sailing. i loved it. if i ever got furstrated, or well almost. it just dawned on me that i was being impatient. maybe it was brain washing... who knows but it was calming. beautiful, and i loved to see the moon. it really only too a few minutes to traverse the whole word. i never felt rushed cuz there was only so fast i could go. it was such a great looking game. and nows there's an even shinier copy floating around.

this next hyrule is looking crazy good. the grass blades really took my breath away in the trailer. the time warp while jumping off the horse seems sweet. i kinda hope its while jumping at all. and who knows about the new link. i mean there are some serious rumors out there.

and they keep talking about this open world thing. so no loading screens ever. no fade to blacks or whites, ever. so maybe there will be a way to move really fast through this environment. like being able to fly from the inside of a shop in town square, through the forest and up to the top of the mountain like that.

any way i'm still just waiting for nintendo to use multitouch screens and 4g in single screen portable console. i'll pay $500 more $1000 just please let me have it. $5000...? please!

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