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heroes of hearthstone

hearthstone, probably the most exciting thing since sliced bread is a card game, and sooo much more. many are calling it better than magic: the gathering. and we'll see. many things about it seem compelling to me, free to play not least among them. blizzard has made a handful of the world's best game, no disputing that. project titan was the shining hope for all blizzard fans, the rumored successor to wow, starcraft, and many other fantastic fabled hopes all in one. since it seems blizzard has all but scrapped titan the rumor sprites are again getting excited about some thing blizzard is dreaming up. could it be hearthstone? a massive multiplayer, run around the world with nothing more than your deck at your side game. barely struggling through seemingly un-passible terrain, traversing universes filled with deadly familiar foes and heros of old. sounds like something blizzard would do. and all free to play. if you've got a lot of time to invest, otherwise you can pay your way through pack after pack, seeking the best deck in the world, that is if you can assemble it, and this isn't no ikea. anyway the open beta's been pushed off, but the closed beta seems to be opening to anyone who wants, but only till january 7th, soo get in or wait it out. either way the world has another card game....

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