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Hexa Alpha Launch Party!

ive been super busy the last few months getting my card game ready for alpha testing.

the cards have been ready for a while, but taking care of all the other stuff like packaging and flyers and web pages and everything else has taken its time too. somehow in all of this i havent put anything up here to get ready for it...


thats only a few days away! and to celebrate anyone that pre-orders a hexa alpha deck and uses the promo code "hexalif4" at checkout will get 25% OFF!

well if yall are around Strange Brew ill be hosting the launch party from 8-9pm this saturday, we'll be trying out the decks, taking pictures, testing the new MagMat system im working on. anyway hope to see you there!

check out for more info including pre-orders, game rules etc. and have a great day!

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