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60 Hours with Pokemon Go Plus

ok so its finally here. i got mine friday at the second gamestop i tried. i literally got the last one at that shop that wasnt pre ordered.
ive also caught like eight times the number of pokemon i normally would. basically if you can spend most of your day wandering around like a zombie with pokemon go open then dont get this. if you like the idea of doing anything else while playing pokemon go then this is a pretty obvious purchase.

even when i do have the app open the game has totally transformed. instead of just watching the placid main screen of the game im now much more active. im checking out stats on the monsters, sending them off for candy, replying to texts etc.

so catching a pokemon while driving is a huge benefit too. ive already caught at least 4 while driving, and not with any added adrenaline. its almost as easy as skratching an itch.

i have my go plus on my belt just about where ash ketchum keeps his monsterballs. so i just reach around and click it when it buzzez. and thats another awesome thing the vibrational feedback is very easy to read and know exactly what your doin with it. it buzzez when you throw the ball, each time the pokeball wiggles, and then a big long buzz if the pokemon is caught. so its easy to tell if the monster escaped and a what stage of capture.

the only draw back is that its not suuper reliably connected. a litte more than every few hours it probably needs to be reconnected but its really easy to check. if you just tap the button itll buzz if connected. if its not connected it doesnt buzz and the LED flashes blue.

anyway its awesome. if youre even just a little haldcore about pokemon go get one. they didnt make you buy the game and its the first hardcore pokemon game on mobile ever, so its probably still gonna be a big deal for a while.

this may very well be the redefinition of hard core. its always there; being a trainer now means being constanly vigilant, searching for pokemon every where...

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